No War with Syria Rally – New Orleans August 31 #NoWarNOLA #NoWarWithSyria



On August 31, dozens of New Orleanians opposed to U.S. Military Intervention in Syria rallied in Washington Square and marched through the French Quarter to Jackson Square. Some of the marchers continued to Bourbon Street.



This gathering was part of a Global Day of Anti War with Syria protests and is described in a Facebook event as follows:

Global & Local protest to STAY out of the war in Syria, because we are tired of killing innocent people in our names, or in their alleged good interest, and who the hell wants WW3, anyway??

MEETS 2pm @ Washington Square Park, Takes for and finishes @ 3pm for Jackson Square

“We are non-violently protesting the escalation of US military involvement in Syria, as well as the complete disregard of the will of the American people in the decision to begin a new war. We in no way support the actions of the Assad regime, but are concerned that US intervention will instigate more violence and suffering.
We suggest you bring banners and/or props (even food), and invite anyone and everyone you know! Organize activities beforehand on this page, or we can just wing it when we get there. This is an event for people of all political views and beliefs, just as long as you are opposed to another unnecessary war in the Middle-East!”

Rally in Washington Square

Thank you to all those who spoke at the rally and marched and spread the word!

Here’s a video from the beginning of the rally

small affair’s videos  from the livestream are below.
*Note: the first video of interviews before the rally and Raphaelle’s speech for some reason recorded “audio only,” but hopefully we’ll be able to fix that.

March Part 1


March Part 2

March Part 3 (on Bourbon Street)


For more photographs from August 31, see this Flickr set from #NoWarNOLA #NoWarWithSyria Rally and March.

Thanks to Raphaelle and everyone who helped organize this! 


Petition to Ban Toxic Dispersants #COREXIT #BPOilSpill #GulfCoast


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Here is the Petition for Banning Toxic Dispersants from the Making it Right workshops conducted across the Gulf Coast by Dr. Riki Ott.

Please share far and wide!

We, the undersigned, oppose the federal government’s decision to use toxic chemical dispersants in oil spill response. We are concerned about the long-term health consequences to humans and wildlife following wide-spread use of Corexit during the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. Human health must be a higher priority
than corporate profit. We oppose the federal government’s treatment
of human health as a risk tradeoff when considering products. We
demand that the EPA immediately and permanently removes all products
that contain known human health hazards and/or proprietary
ingredients from its Product Schedule. Further, we demand that the
National Contingency Plan be amended to require that all products
used in disaster response must first be proven safe to human health
and the environment.


Rally To Make BP Pay – Feb 25, 2013 #NOLA 6:45am #makeBPpay


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It’s time. Join us Monday on the steps of the Hale Boggs U.S. Courthouse as the world turns its attention to New Orleans for the first day of the BP trial.

Restore the Mississippi River Delta has put out a call to action to Rally to Make BP Pay!

What: Rally to Hold BP Accountable
When: Monday, February 25 6:45AM – 7:45 AM (courthouse doors open at 7 AM)
Where: 500 Poydras Street New Orleans – in front of the Hale Boggs Federal Building



Nearly three years after the BP oil disaster, the question around BP’s accountability may soon come to a close. The Feb. 25th civil trial date is upon us and BP and the U.S. Dept. of Justice will either reach a settlement or go to trial. We’re going to be on the steps of the courthouse Monday morning to send the message that BP must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law for one of our nation’s largest environmental disasters. This is a huge moment for the Gulf and our last, best opportunity for accountability! Be there!


Details: Rain or shine. Trial or no trial. WEAR BLACK (OR DARK COLORS). We will have #makeBPpay signs for folks to hold. Donuts and coffee will be on hand!


RSVP on Facebook here:

Call to Action! Please call The Office of The Attorney General and take a stand about BP Trial. #BPOilSpill


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Call to Action! Please call The Office of The Attorney General and take a stand about BP.


Please call:

Attorney General, Eric H. Holder, Jr., 202-514-2001

Deputy Attorney General, James Cole, 202-514-2101.

Tell them it’s time to take a stand.

Full Trial No Settlement. Full Disclosure. Citizen Voice.

BP – A Serial Corporate Killer

Hold BP accountable for BP Deepwater Drilling Disaster: Demand a full civil trial currently set for February 25, 2013.


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Help us to hold BP accountable for the events surrounding the BP Deepwater Drilling Disaster of 2010, by demanding a full civil trial currently set for February 25, 2013.

What you can do:

1) Please sign and share the petition found here:

2) Please send a letter supporting a full trial, full disclosure and the development of a Regional Citizens Oversight Committee to your local and state papers.

3) Please share this album, or specific photos from this album, via your contacts and social media OR EVEN BETTER, MAKE AND SHARE YOUR OWN!

4) Please reach out to your state and federal representation, the media, Gulf Coast state Attorney Generals and the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL Attorney General, Eric H. Holder, Jr., 202-514-2001 and/or the OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL
Deputy Attorney General, James Cole, 202-514-2101.

5) Please continue to share and support grass-root Gulf Coast based activists, advocates and organizations.

For more information as to the need for such actions, please go here

Full trial, no settlement, full disclosure and citizen voice.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and action based response.

Solidarity with Walmart Strikers – Rebranding Walmart


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The WalmartElves are Rebranding Walmart Stores in solidarity with Walmart Strikers.


Learn about Why The #WalmartElves are on the Internet!

The Worker’s Group of The Gulf Coast People’s Convention participated in some Walmart Rebranding over the holidays.



Support Walmart workers! How to culturejam and undermine Walmart.

Rebrand #Walmart with the #WalmartElves

Great #WalmartElvesMaterials Here:

Wed, Jan 16 6:30 pm: Organize to Stop Jindal’s Attack On Public Healthcare and Other Human Rights


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Organize to Stop Jindal’s Attack On Public Healthcare & Other Human Rights



     The recent decision by the Jindal Administration to cut state funding for hospice care for the poor  in the name of balancing the budget is the latest brutal reminder that the Governor of Louisiana and his well heeled supporters are waging a no holds barred war on human rights in the Pelican State.  To be silent in the face of atrocities masquerading as budget cuts is unacceptable to people with a basic sense of human decency.  What’s more is Jindal can be stopped from perpetrating ever greater crimes against humanity. But it’s also true that Jindal no longer has to factor concerns about being reelected into his political game plan.  What Jindal is vulnerable to is mass resistance from below that demands he stops his war on the human rights of the 99 percent of Louisiana.  And it is also true that a mass protest on the State Capitol and Jindal’s mansion before the State Legislature reconvenes this Spring  is doable and desirable from the perspective of the needs and wants of the great majority of  people in Louisiana.



For Immediate Release: Gulf Coast Indigenous Nations Plan Solidarity Event #J20 #IdleNoMore


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For Immediate Release: Gulf Coast Indigenous Nations Plan Solidarity Event – New Orleans January 20, 11 a.m. Idle No More Gulf Coast




When: Sunday, January 20th 11am – 3pm

Where: Pavilion #1, City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

RSVP on Facebook


Even as the Isle De Jean Charles Band of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw and the Grand Caillou – Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw continue to deal with devastating land loss and economic disparity, after years of suffering from the effects of hurricanes and the BP Deepwater Drilling Disaster, the Louisiana indigenous tribes will support of the Canadian born indigenous movement, Idle No More, this Sunday, January 20.

The global Idle No More movement, “calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects land and water,” according to the website.

The event, which will be held at Pavilion One in New Orleans City Park beginning at 11 am, will include a traditional round dance, prayer offerings and discussion concerning the environmental issues facing the Gulf Coast region.

“The INM movement is a wonderful way to share our concerns and learn from others how and what we can do to resolve our concerns,” explains Chief Albert P. Naquin, Traditional Chief, Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians.

Tribal member and Senior Public Relations – Media Liaison, Babs Bagwell, agrees, “We join with other Tribal Nations around the globe, indigenous people of the world, and the Attawapiskat First Nation, in recognizing that we are at a crossroads in the health of Mother Earth and her people. That if we do not insist on our most basic of human rights, the right to clean air and clean water then we too have to accept the consequences of being inactive.”

Chief Shirell Parfait-Dardar of The Grand Caillou-Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians adds, “Since the first oil platform in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana was deployed in 1947, the number of platforms now stands at more than 3700. Along with concerns for our water safety after the BP Oil Spill, we are one of the fastest disappearing landmasses in the United States due to the numerous channels that have been cut in our marshes for oil and gas exploration. The levee system that controls the Mississippi River, has long been keeping our marshes and lands from the necessary sediment that once built them and maintained their health.”

“Isle de Jean Charles now equates to a sliver of land, the trees and plants are dying, and our seafood’s are showing fearsome signs of being exposed to toxicity.” Grand Caillou-Dulac maintain more tribal lands but they too are fast disappearing and will soon be in the same position as Isle de Jean Charles. “Our people have been battered by numerous storms and it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain our tribal land, culture, and traditions. Being a tribe in the process of Federal Recognition with State Recognition, we are non-income producing tribes, leaving us to help our members with the help from outside sources.”

“Despite our best efforts, and lots of hard work, we still fall upon deaf ears. Like many other tribal communities, we are left in the gap without adequate protections. It is time for change. When Canada removed the protection from a vast amount of waterways the story seemed all too familiar and we had no other choice as the keepers of Mother Earth but to stand with our brothers and sisters. Toxic effects, from the harvesting of natural resources for energy has become an issue, not just for tribal nations and communities, but for the globe as a whole. It seems to be all too often forgotten and ignored that we are the first people of this nation. Who will be the lesser people next?” says, Bagwell.

Adding, “The time has come for all, to peacefully gather and pray, to find solutions and start taking action. To become, Idle No More.”

The Idle No More – Gulf Coast event is open to the public. Participants are encouraged to prepare for the weather; as well as, to bring seating and drinks, and request the prohibition of alcohol.

Donations of blankets and household goods will be accepted to be sent to the deeply impoverished Attawapiskat people.

For more information, interested parties can view the event and Idle No More Gulf Coast  page on Facebook, and the official Idle No More page online.