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Here is the Petition for Banning Toxic Dispersants from the Making it Right workshops conducted across the Gulf Coast by Dr. Riki Ott.

Please share far and wide!

We, the undersigned, oppose the federal government’s decision to use toxic chemical dispersants in oil spill response. We are concerned about the long-term health consequences to humans and wildlife following wide-spread use of Corexit during the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. Human health must be a higher priority
than corporate profit. We oppose the federal government’s treatment
of human health as a risk tradeoff when considering products. We
demand that the EPA immediately and permanently removes all products
that contain known human health hazards and/or proprietary
ingredients from its Product Schedule. Further, we demand that the
National Contingency Plan be amended to require that all products
used in disaster response must first be proven safe to human health
and the environment.