Working Groups

Updated Dec 1, 2012

The following Working Groups formed to focus on the connected grievances Gulf Coast Activists Face.

  •       Healthcare
  •       Student Debt
  •       BP Disaster Aftermath Concerns Working Group
  •       Military Industrial Complex
  •       Political Reform
  •       Housing
  •       Workers’ Rights
  •       Tar Sands Event

Political Reform Working Group

Rep: Andy Washington
Objectives/Demands: Reform of voting law(s) and others To Be Announced

Housing Working Group
REP: Eloise Williams

1.Stop demolition of Iberville Housing Development
2.Government(HUD) must use section 8 to place people in housing
3.Government (HUD) must provide section 8 vouchers to everyone currently on section 8 waiting list
4.HUD replace public housing (unit for unit) demolished since Hurricane Katrina by constructing an equal number of public housing units in the same areas.
5.No cuts, fiscal cliff or otherwise, to the current HUD budget. Instead we demand that Congress raise the HUD budget HUD by 50% over the current one (2011-2012).

Meetings: Third Thursday of every month at 7pm. St Jude Center (C3)

BP Disaster Aftermath Concerns Working Group
Group Rep: Kimberly McCuiston


1.True longintudal studies on chemicals to detect toxins.
2.No use of dispersants if they are toxic
3.Transparent communication about what is being used
4.Cease spraying of toxic dispersants (TDs)
5.Cleaning up oil/tarballs/tarmats (that now contain high levels of Vibrio


Meetings: TBA (in January)

Planning another summit to stop TDs to take place in January in Mississippi
PAST flyering public places on threat of touching tarballs
CURRENT promoting (signing petition) HR 3562 moratorium on use COREXIT

Student Debt Working Group
Reps: TJ and Mark (since group members live along the coast there is a AL rep. and a LA rep).


1.      Student Debt Forgiveness
2.      Free well-funded quality “emancipatory” public education
3.      Repeal bankruptcy law which prevents those with student loans from declaring legal bankruptcy


Tar Sands Event Working Group

Objectives/Demands: See

In seeking to shut down the KXL pipeline to work with other groups against it (i.e. Sierra Club, etc.) and promote alternative energy and energy saving devices.

Past Meetings:
Teach-in Nov. 11th 5 pm Fair Grinds Coffee shop

Actions:to take part in demonstrations such as are occurring in Texas and other areas.

Health Care Working Group

Rep: Brad Ott

He is allied with Committee to Save Southeast Louisiana Hospital and Advocates for Louisiana Public Health Care

1.Single Payer health care
2.restore recent health care funding cuts
3.address defunding of public health care
4.fight privatizations special legislative session to reverse budget

Meetings:Post-Election round table; Gillespie Breakfast 2nd Sat.of each month.

Workers’ Rights Working Group
Rep – Mike Chenier


1. All gains for workers have come/come through struggle and the struggle must be organized
2. Organization must occur independent of the current establishments (i. e. established unions, employers, etc.)
3.The Workers Rights group of the People’s Convention respects the initiative(s) and integrity of all workers

Actions: Support Striking Walmart workers

Military Industrial Complex Working Group

Rep: Ben Gordon
Pax Christi New Orleans. visit for details.

Phone: Pax Christi 504-522-3757


1.      Defund SOA/WHINSEC
2.      End wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan with ongoing peace vigil in NOLA

3.      Avoid war in Iran

Past Actions: Close SOA (School of the Americas) protest Fort Benning, Columbus GA Nov. 16th – 18th

Meetings: Usually monthly but will not be held in Nov due to SOA protest.
Next meeting is December 13 6:30 pm 7750 Walmsley NOLA
Actions: TBD post SOA protest

Finally, if you and your group would like something updated, please email and ask that it be added to this website!


1 thought on “Working Groups”

  1. chenier327 said:

    Due to the building of Tank Farms and a subsequent pipeline being built under Mobile Bay, to handle Canadian Tar Sands crude, the Environmental group has decided this requires action. Now, of course this is in its infancy as can be expected as much of the information is coming to light only recently.
    What the group has found out is that the crude is likely going to be shipped by rail, as much as forty tank cars a day! To be put in huge holding tanks to be shipped to Texas. Now, what concerns us is that we have so far no information on how that crude will be delivered to Texas!! Is is going to be shipped via pipeline or barge, in which case the Inter-coastal Canal would be utilized!! Either way, it is unacceptable!!
    It is unacceptable, to use Mobile and Mobile Bay as a storage facility as it connects directly to the Gulf. It is unacceptable that either the product be shipped by rail, barge or pipeline due to its toxicity!!
    We also feel that with the ongoing disaster from the B.P. oil spill that Americas Gulf Coast simply can not withstand another spill or leak!!
    I make an appeal to everyone to write to your senators, congressmen, state and local officials to demand answers and to protest that which will eventually destroy us all… Yes, the pipeline may create jobs, but oh so temporary!!
    If there is spill or a rupture how will you tell future generations…well, I had a job??
    And of course, as I or other group Reps. receive info, it shall be posted.. Mike C.

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